Facebook 1Riverlodge Balloon Meet NZ

This is a friendly balloon meet held at the end of January on the banks of the picturesque Waikato River at Riverlodge – 25 minutes north of Taupo.

It offers flying, boating and a range of other scenic activities as well as options for freedom camping, budget accommodation at the Golden Springs Camping Ground and accommodation at Riverlodge.

Started in 2014 by David & Linda Norris and the Waikato Hot Air Balloon Club, this fun event is a must attend.

All those attending must abide by the CAA Rules and carry their own public liability/aviation insurance as they deem appropriate. We share crew resources so that all balloons get to fly. Suitable for all ranges of flying and crewing experience.

In 2014 the inaugural event consisted of four balloons with only one day of flying and a stunning night glow which made the TV1 News. In 2015 we had seven balloons and two fixed wing planes with three days of flying and boating on the Waikato River. The flying was stunning with one flight managing to do a box and cross the Waikato River three times. There is a 600m private airstrip so planes flying in need to seek prior approval from Riverlodge.

For further details contact:

Dave Norris            nenya@sirron.nz

Linda Norris           bellan@sirron.nz

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